Virtual reality Vs. Augmented reality–What is the difference

Many persons, understandably, become confused when informed augmented reality is not at all the same as virtual reality. Realizing the difference is tough since both environments use high-end technologies. However, a virtual experience is associative with an online experience–literally. Augmented reality is more along the lines of using various adaptable forms of technology to provide an enhanced version of any existing realities. The following text provides more detail with regard to the preceding comparison.

Virtual reality Vs Augmented reality:

Virtual reality Vs Augmented realityHardware plays a big part in the formation of any augmented form of reality. Such items include processors, display units, sensors and inputting devices. Contemporary mobile devices such as the smart phone and tablet provide such elements. The smart phone includes a camera and sensory elements such as GPS, and accelerometer. A variety of technological elements are used in way of the Augmented Reality concept. The components include optic projection systems, monitors, and display systems worn somewhere on the person’s physique.

The HMD, also referred to as a head mounted display is placed toward the forehead by way of a helmet and sometimes a harness. The HMD places an image of both the physical environment and virtual objects within the range of the viewer’s field of vision. The contemporary setup frequently comes with sensors allowing the system to set up virtual information associative to the real world, subsequently making adjustments when the viewer makes movements; and in way of the preceding example with his or her head.

Certain manufacturers are including simple gesturing, with regard to their augmented product lineup. The preceding makes it possible for their users to experience a total virtual and real world experience.

In example, Augmented Reality makes use of smart glasses. The eye-wear comes equipped with cameras in order to intercept real world viewing, re-displaying those views through specially designed eye devices. The AR imaging, as it pertains to the preceding item is projected through or reflected off the surface of the lens.

The virtual experience then is an environment; and AR or augmented reality makes use of virtual reality and physical reality in order to enhance the viewers’ overall real world experiences.

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