For any type of signage used in promotions and marketing, dye sublimation printing is often the best choice. It is used in many commercial printing applications because it is more efficient than other printing methods. Dye sublimation relies on a heating process to transfer the ink from the roller to the paper or substance to be printed. So, it can produce a clearer image that doesn’t look pixelated.

Considerations for Dye Sublimation Printing Jobs

-Use of Color

When developing a marketing plan that includes large signs or posters, it’s important to think about the best use of color and text. Sometimes, conservative use of color gets better results. Today’s signage and printed marketing materials are more likely to get attention, if earth tones and natural colors are used. By using black or a contrasting text color, the marketing images and message will stand out.

A contrasting font color is important for signage and similar marketing materials. But, the chosen font should be simple and easy to read as well. Dye sublimation printing is precise, so there are no worries about colors bleeding into each other or concerns about blurred lines of text or images.

– Use an appropriate size

Signs and printer marketing materials must be easy to read, for customers of all ages. Signs should be placed at eye level for a person of average height. Printed signs must be large enough to provide the necessary information, without making the sign look crowded.

Signs and marketing banners often include times and dates of special events and offers. It’s important for customers to get the necessary information. So, a longer banner or or flag style poster can convey necessary information with plenty of space. Dye sublimation printers are suitable for a variety of printable media, including vinyl, paper, cardboard, and plastic.

Dye sublimation printing is suitable for most marketing materials, including signs and posters. It produces sharp images, for professional looking results. Marketing materials used in public places to promote products or services must look professional, for people to take the message seriously. Printed materials for mailing or distribution must also look professional.

By carefully planning the layout, the font, and color choices, marketers can make sure of producing professional looking materials with the use of dye sublimation printing technology. The process of heat transfer helps deliver clear, crisp color images that are sure to stand out and get noticed, when used in the right locations.