Many firms make the mistake of thinking that managed IT support is the only form of information technology support available in the market. While this may be the most reliable and preferred service of an IT support company, you should consider all the options available at your disposal before taking a decision.

If your business is operating on a small scale and if you cannot afford a full-fledged service contract of a reputed IT support company, then you have the option of opting for a contract where the company undertakes to take care of all problems and disruptions in the IT infrastructure of your organization. The IT support company will not be involved in the day-to-day functioning of your firm’s IT infrastructure. Rather, the IT support company will step in only when something goes wrong. Companies offer a choice between a per-hour rate or fixed fee when offering such a service to its clients.

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Another option that you can opt for is the pay-as-you-go service where the IT support companywill charge a fixed fee or a per-hour rate every time you utilize its services. This option is preferable if you have full-time employees managing your IT infrastructure and want to keep an additional backup option in your hand in the form of an IT consulting contract with a professional IT support company.

The most preferred option for firms with elaborate IT setup is the managed support where the IT support company will be in charge of managing your infrastructure. The IT support company will deploy its employees at your office and will provide support and assistance to keep the service running at all times. Finalizing such a contract with the IT support company will help you enjoy uninterrupted service. However, you should be prepared to pay a premium when choosing this service option.

Make it a point to ask about the various service contract options offered by the IT support company before finalizing the deal. It is preferable to deal with a company that offers a wide range of service contracts designed for different types of services. You can choose the option that suits your needs and requirements of your company.

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